DRILL BABY DRILL ALERT!: Trump Readying Order to Study Oil and Gas Drilling Off California Coast (Applaud)

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Governor Jerry Brown’s “hey, we are a country of our own so screw the feds unless we want their money” is going to take a hit. Maybe we should start drilling off of all sanctuary cities. Who knows, maybe the the 9th Circuit court will put a stop to this immediately. Since California wants to be a sanctuary state, it would put a lot of Mexicans to work. 


By Jennifer A. Dlouhy (Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump will open the door to new oil and natural gas drilling in Pacific waters off the coast of California with a directive Friday that sets up a certain clash with environmentalists.

Trump will order the Interior Department to review locations for offshore oil and gas exploration and consider selling drilling rights in territory that former President Barack Obama put off limits, according to people briefed on the order who spoke on the condition of anonymity before it is issued. That includes U.S. Pacific waters, as well as Arctic and Atlantic acreage left out of the five-year schedule of lease sales issued by Obama in November.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Tuesday nothing is off the table. “We’re going to look at everything,” Zinke said when asked about potential oil leases off the Pacific coast. “A new administration should look at the policies and make sure the policies are appropriate.”

Trump will sign a directive Friday, according to a White House aide who didn’t offer further details.

Federal regulators have tacitly written off the possibility of new oil and gas development along the coast amid opposition ignited by a 1969 well failure in the Santa Barbara Channel that fouled beaches and helped give birth to the modern environmental movement. Offshore platforms visible from the state’s southern shoreline are still extracting oil from more than 40 longstanding leases. The last drilling lease sale was in 1984.

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