Time Running Out For Syrian Refugee Who Wants To Give Birth In America (Trump’s Fault)

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Image courtesy of: UNHCR

(The picture above does not represent the Syrian Woman looking to give Birth in America to use her child as an “Anchor” in America)

People from around the world that exploit the 14th Amendment of our Constitution do so all the time. Chinese, People from Mexico, known as “Anchor Babies” and now Muslim Refugees want to give birth in the United States to access America’s wealth, Welfare, EBT Cars, Cash Assistance, You name it. Trump put in place a ban on refugees from portions of the middle east as a protective measure from potential terrorists coming to our country. This helps to possibly eliminate the “terrorist” threat, but also possibly the “Give Birth In America and Live Off Government” Threat as well. Giving Birth in the United States is big business. In the story below, shows how a Syrian refugee wanted to give “birth” to “anchor” herself to the United States.

This Syrian Refugee coming to the United States of America may see her “dreams” destroyed by Donald Trump. I guess this woman coming to America and wanting to give birth to anchor herself via birth is “Trump’s Fault” Right?


The family just came to America three months ago.  They immediately expected to bring other family members along with them.  Enas’s need is severe; if she doesn’t give birth in America, her baby will not be an American citizen.  Crying in her black burka, she looked desperately unhappy that she was not about to create a new American who could anchor her to our society.

Keep in mind that the Washington Post published this as a sympathetic story.  They see nothing disturbing about admitting a fundamentalist hijabi to America; they see nothing disturbing about her obvious attempts to create an anchor baby; and they see nothing disturbing about reporting the generous living arrangements and benefits American taxpayers are paying for:

Since arriving in the Detroit area three months ago, the family has been guided by other immigrants, who have helped them secure the two-bedroom apartment in Bloomfield Township, chipped in to help them rent furniture and arranged private English lessons after discovering that the local adult-education classes were full.

(Source) Read More At American Thinker

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